Side Effects Of Love Spells

Side Effects Of Love Spells

Side Effects Of Love Spells Love spells do not cause any bad side effects to the person practicing them.

As long as Love spells are cast in the proper way and during the appropriate times.

there are no negative side effects from using magic for Love.

So many relationships have been created and /or reconciled with the help of magic love spells.

As long as your intentions are good, there is no need to worry about receiving bad karma from using magic to bring your love to you.

If you are using spells to end another relationship to clear the path for your relationship, even this can be done positively.

how to minimize Side Effects Of Love Spells

As long as the other relationship is not one of “True Love” and the couple is not meant to be together, there is nothing wrong with helping to end that relationship.

Most reputable people who cast spells for other people will cast a break-up spell

in this fashion so as not to interfere with the relationship if it is a “soulmate” type of relationship that is meant to happen.

If, on the other hand, a person wants to bring an end to a happy relationship between a couple who seem to belong together, who love each other.

How to see the Side Effects Of Love Spells

There is no reason to think that these people do not belong together.

just for purely selfish reasons and use a spell to bring an end to this relationship

regardless if it is meant to be, this CAN bring bad karma.

How to recognize Side Effects Of Love Spells

If someone tries to end a relationship just because they are jealous and want to be with a member of the couple with no sign that this person should be with them.

this is a negative thing and can bring negative actions.

Most spell casters will not use spells in this type of situation. Not only does it cause bad karma for their client, but also themselves.

The most common situation is that someone is trying to reconcile with their ex. They Love this person, but the ex has become involved with someone else.

Ways to Reduce or Remove negative Side Effects Of Love Spells
  • Don’t cast a spell when you are feeling sick or unwell in general.
  • Your energy is imbalanced and needs to focus on restoring wholeness within you first.
  • Never  cast a spell when you are having a frothy (angry, frantic, frustrated, annoyed, etc):
  • always   cast a spell when you are not intoxicated (on any substance).
  • Don’t haphazardly invite in energies (discarnate, incarnate, or symbolic) you know nothing about.
  • Cleanse any new or second-hand items you bring into your space.
  • LOVE CURSES – are they dangerous or safe

    LOVE CURSES and love spells

    Love curses can seem to resemble love spells or chants, but are not in any way that much similar. Wanting someone to fall deeply in love with you may blind you to the point of wanting to make them fall with no free will. And this causes you to put a curse on him or her. To love and cherish only you and never another.

    Even when you two breakup, he/she can never get over you and will come back craving your love. Its said love is selfish but, you should never cross certain lines when casting love magic or any other form of witchcraft spells. They carry unimaginable consequences when you do.

    And if you lack experience it can mean endangering your life or the person your love cursing.  He/she can kill themselves if you refuse them or separate at some point in time. Or end your life or the both of you if they see fit.

    love curses – what does it really represent

    love curses are not just black magic but dark magic spells. That are dangerous to any person that is involved in the ritual.

    I emir zayed does not engage myself in such extreme positions unless when cleansing someone that has been under the influence. And quote it clearly that I will not love curse anyone no matter the condition you are facing.


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