Spell with hair to make someone fall in love

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love

The way a man processes his feelings is completely different from women: to get a man to fall in love with you you need to arouse his interest, and once he begins to get involved he must need more and more of you.

With this spell to make a man fall in love, you will make this man open his heart to your relationship, in this way he will be openly committed and will be much more receptive to your feelings. Through this white magic spell, his attitude towards you will be much more romantic, close, and willing to get involved in a relationship. The love spell will make this man have a much easier way to get committed, which is always difficult for a man.

What do you need to cast a spell to make a man fall in love with hair:


  • A little hair from him
  • A white thread
  • 5 red candles
  • A bay leaf
  • A peppercorn
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Steps of the spell to make a man fall in love

Prepare an altar, purify it, and create a circle of protection around it. If you don’t know how to create an altar you can read this article on the subject.


  • Put the five candles in a circle. Lace your man’s hair together with the white thread. If it is short hair, you can glue it.
  • Surround the hair in a candle and go to the candle on the opposite side, circle it, and then go to the candle on the opposite side. Continue to form a five-pointed star with the thread.
  • Write the name of your loved one on a bay leaf.
  • Light the candles, focus, and cast this spell:  “Oro diligit me. Capillus offero, dea, Eius rei fidem meam in te” (if you don’t dare to pronounce latin spells, say “Please love me. I offer you this hair, oh Goddess, as proof of my faith in you“. It’s not eactly the same but it will work)
  • As you say it out loud, burn the bay leaf.
  • Let the candles burn and then bury them in a safe place.
  • On the white sheet of paper write your name and the name of the man you want to fall in love with, then draw a red circle that encloses the two names without touching them.


Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Hair Spell to make someone fall in love with you

Thanks to this spell you will make this man have more and more intense and profound feelings for you, he will lose the fear of getting committed and will have more and more interest in you and your love. His heart will turn completely into your relationship. The spell to fall in love will also enhance his sexual interest in you and his need to be in your life in all aspects.

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love in Savanna GA

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love


Dominate a person with a hair spell

Learn how to cast the spell with hair to dominate anyone, both someone you love or an enemy. Sometimes the relationship is not working as well as you expected, you feel how slowly, the love of your life and you, are moving away due to the monotony of life. You can feel how the flame begins to go out and more and more problems and difficulties appear in your life. Use this spell with hair to dominate for these kinds of moments.

Thanks to this type of spell, life can be much simpler, since there are many situations in which you don’t make yourself understood with the other person and the discussions will begin. With this spell, those problems will not exist.

To perform this spell it’s extremely important to have an evaluation to see how great our mental power and spiritual energy is, because an essential part for the spell to work is that we can dominate our will. The important thing in this spell is to have a much stronger mentality than the person whom the spell is going to be cast.

Without this, the spell can be weak and last less time. So I recommend that before doing the spell you train your mind and spirit so that the spell can work without problems. Remember that you can take the witchcraft course that I have published on this site.

Ingredients needed to create the spell with hair to dominate

To create this domination spell you will need the following ingredients:


  • A picture.
  • A little of his hair
  • A black thread
  • A blanket large enough to cover the objects
  • A container where everything fits

The steps required to create the Hair Spell to dominate are:

First, you must place the hair of the person you want to dominate in the center of the altar. For this specific case take the hair that the person has achieved, now take the black thread and with it make 10 knots on the hair. With the hair it can be a little difficult, but with some effort you can achieve it. When you finish making the 10 knots you must say the following incantation:

“With these knots I tie your will, from now on you will be docile and I will dominate you”

When you have finished saying the spell, you will take the hair and wrap it with the blanket. After this you will say the following incantation:

“You will be blind to this spell, from now on you will only see What I show you”

When you finish praying, keep the hair in a safe place while the other person will remain submissive.

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love


Voodoo Spell with hair

Voodoo is an ancient religion and is very famous around the world for its fast effectiveness. It has its origin in Haiti, between traditional shamans that have unique and different methods of approaching to human problems. They believe that Voodoo is the best way to fulfill our desires, using human representations during a ritual. Now I will teach you a voodoo spell with hair you can try at home.

Today, voodoo techniques evolved greatly and can now use ancient Voodoo to solve any kind of problem. For example, the hair spell is a tradition that was used thousands of years ago, and its effectiveness is such that you can attract to your side anyone in a short time. Nowadays, this type of hair spell tends to be replaced using photographs of the beloved person.

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Voodoo Spell
Now, having so many different types of sources and different origins spells at your fingertips, you can choose the hair love spell that works best for you, or which take faster effect. You’ll see the enormous power of white magic and voodoo rituals, including these spells of love with hair. If you don’t have experience in casting spells, you can browse my website to find more spells, learn more about white magic, or ask me to cast a spell for you, click here if you want to know more about my services.

You will need the following for this spell:

  • A lock of hair of the person
  • Incense of roses

To begin, light the incense of roses. When the fragrance is filling your sacred space, repeat the name of your future lover several times, saying after each:

“Love me now as I love you,
Without damage, that will happen.”
Once said these words, keep hair close to the incense fire, and let it burn. when the hair ripples with the fire, picture in your head how the indifference of the other person goes and is replaced by a strong passion as yours. Once this spell of love with hair has ended, leave the incense to burn completely, leaving smoke floats adrift.

Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love

Let’s see our last effective love spell with hair you can try at home:

Effective love spell with hair to make him fall in love

You will need:


  • 2 candles, which you will burn 9 minutes each day for 9 days. One candle of your favorite color, and the other one on his favorite color. If you don’t know what’s the favorite color of the other person, choose a color that represents him.
  • Rose scented oil. If you can’t find a real scented oil, you can add dried rose petals pure oil.
  • A lock of hair from your lover.
  • A lock of your hair.
  • Dried Lavender.
  • A small bag of fabric or red cloth.
  • Gold thread.
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love
Spell with hair to make someone fall in love

How to make this spell of love with hair:
Carve your name on the candle that represents you. Carve the name of the person you want to enchant in the candle that represents him.

Then, smear each candle with rose oil. For this, put your finger in the oil and then run it along the candle on all four quadrants (up and down four times on all sides). With each execution, repeat this phrase:

“With the power of the four elements, I baptize you _____.” (Use your name on your candle, and his name on his candle).

Place the candles as safe as possible, in a place where nobody touch it or move it for nine days.
Draw a circle with the golden thread around the candles.

In the small red bag, you will place the lavender, the hair of your lover, your lock of hair, and a piece of gold thread where you’ll make nine knots. Place the bag in front of the candles.

Every day at the same hour, preferably after the sunset, lights the candles for nine minutes. Hold the bag in your hands and repeats these words:“As these candles are lit, our hearts will light forever; I offer mind, body, and soul. ”

Hold the bag and repeat this phrase nine times. Leave the burn for 9 minutes while you hold the bag and concentrate on this person’s love.
Repeat all steps for nine days. On the ninth day, blow out the candles for the last time, make sure that they are completely unlit, and put the leftovers of the candles in the bag.
Place this bag on your pillow or close to it, and sleep with it for nine days. Before going to sleep, ask for this person to dream of you and only you.
Keep this bag in a safe place, never get rid of it unless you want to break the spell.

Requirements to make a spell with hair

  • Love spells are cast on a crescent moon.
  • Hair should not be used to influence a third party.
  • You must make sure that the hair that you are going to use in your ritual belongs to the right person.
  • Don’t touch yourself without washing your hands after performing a ritual.
  • Do not touch other people without washing your hands after a ritual as this will weaken your protection system.
Speaking of safety precautions, we must also mention one thing. If you have a problem with your hair after a ritual, such as hair loss or breakage, perform a purification ritual as soon as possible, because the spell could not influence the target that initiates the specified side effects. The spell you tried to put on the target failed to input its energy and returned to you.
Here concludes this selection of spells with hair to make someone fall in love with you.
Maybe you are desperate because your love is gone, or you want a person you like very much to notice you, and you want he thinks of you. Here I have left you some effective love spells to achieve it, but if you cannot perform them or you are not sure,
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