how to make a voodoo doll at home

how to make a voodoo doll at home

how to make a voodoo doll at home, just continue reading and follow my indications.

Undeniably, voodoo dolls since ancient times are an essential part of magic rituals, sorceries, and witchcraft. Today, however, these practices have spread globally. So in this article, we teach you how to make a voodoo doll. For an intro, see what is voodoo.

1 Overview of the voodoo doll
2 How to make a voodoo doll
2.1 Procedure in the making of the voodoo doll
2.2 Ritual or ceremony to baptize the voodoo doll
3 How to use the voodoo doll?
3.1 When the voodoo doll represents someone specific
3.2 Voodoo doll used for good
3.3 Voodoo doll to attract evil
4 Consequences of misuse of voodoo dolls

Overview of the voodoo doll

At first, voodoo dolls originated after the religious and spiritual practices of West Africa expanded in the Caribbean, in the American Continent, and in the European Continent. Currently, worldwide, these ceremonies carry with them rituals of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. In these, voodoo dolls exert great importance.

how to make a voodoo doll at home

Voodoo Dolls

It is for this reason that voodoo dolls are considered as a channel of communication, between the spiritual or esoteric world. By which they can use to exercise their powers over the earthly world. Therefore, it represents a certain person so that through this doll the spirits of voodoo are attracted.

So there are several ways to use these dolls in spiritual ceremonies. Since not only are they used for evil or black magic, but they are also used for good or spells of healing, protection, and love. That’s why this article reports some tips on how to make a voodoo doll. Also, it explains how to use these dolls in the different rituals or ceremonies of voodoo.

How to make a voodoo doll

There are different ways to make a voodoo doll. However, all the elements that make up it must be of nature. Therefore, one of the most classic ways to design this doll is by using the following materials: 2 branches or sticks trying to make one longer than the other, pieces of cloth. In addition, thread, needle, glues and filler material for the doll, ribbons, buttons, among other accessories.

how to make a voodoo doll at home in the night 

Because the voodoo doll represents a specific person, it is recommended that you wear something from that person, such as hair, fluid pieces of clothing. Now, you will be taught the step by step of how to make a voodoo doll and how to baptize it:

Procedure in the elaboration of the voodoo doll

It proceeds to place the sticks or branches in the cross shape, leaving 1/4 of space on the top of the long stick. Immediately, the yarn mooring begins, giving an X-shaped movement. Once, the sticks are tied, the parts of a human body begin to be distributed to shape it. So the two ends of the short stick will resemble the arms. In addition, the short end of the long branch, there will be located the head and body of the doll, will be the remaining part of the long stick.

Afterward, the filling of the doll begins around the sticks. Starting from the center it would be the upper body. Then, it is shaped with the filling to the head and continues with the arms. So that finally, we only have to fill from the middle down, making the figure to the lower body.

Soon, we must shape a human figure with the filling. The whole doll is then covered, with pieces of fabrics and to hold it. In addition, we will need glue and we must also sew it with thread and needle. Clarifying that part of the filling should be displayed at the ends of the head, arms and underside of the doll.

After we have given the structure a human figure, we begin to realize the details of the face. So buttons are used to make the eyes and mouth, which stick or sew. Also, the hair is placed with fringes of cloth or pieces of human hair. Immediately, he proceeds to dress by placing the voodoo doll, preferably pieces of clothing of the person he represents.

Ritual or ceremony to baptize the voodoo doll

Once the voodoo doll has been designed, the ritual or ceremony must be performed to baptize it and bring it into mortality. This procedure is implemented with the aim of achieving the objective, for which it was developed. Thus, those religious rituals and holy water are used to baptize him, naming the person in the spaces where indicated.

Thus, at the time of baptism, the following words are said: “I baptize you (the name of the person is announced) in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In life, this is what you will be from now on. Anything that happens to this doll will now happen (the person is named) as I have a deal.

As the days pass, only I will control the deepest desires, dreams, and actions of (person’s name). That’s why your life is now under my control (the person is named) and you won’t feel any pleasure from anything, but I want it.” In this way, following these steps in detail, you will know how to make a voodoo doll

How to use the voodoo doll?

Therefore, once the voodoo doll has been named, it proceeds to give it the utility for which it was made. There is also a variety in the production of the voodoo doll.

They also consist of a variety of rituals or ceremonies, where they are unified of the spiritual with the earthly. So each of these rites has a specific and particular purpose. However, the voodoo doll is used in three methods: when it represents someone specific, when it is used to do good and when they are used for evil.

When the voodoo doll represents someone specific

Before and during the time, when you are making the voodoo doll, you should visualize the person you want to represent. As well as the way you wish magic will affect that person. Because the connection that is implanted with the spiritual world is essential for voodoo.

Since it is essential that the doll represents the person, he will receive the work for better or worse. Therefore, it is recommended that the voodoo doll be made with a photo or with personal objects of the person being identified.

Voodoo doll used for good

It is important to note that one of the goals of knowing how to make a voodoo doll is to contribute to meditation and focus. That’s why while you grab the doll you have to focus on the effect you want it to attract. So the soul must be spiritually in tune with your desires.

Thus, voodoo magic in this regard may be related to healing diseases. Also, attract a new lover. Together, it serves to get a new job, attract money or bring down some kind of curse, among others.

In this ritual, pins of various colors can be used, in order to indicate the areas of life that you want to concentrate on the work. Among the most used colors are:

  • Yellow is a success
  • White is healing
  • Green is money
  • Red is power
  • Purple is spirituality
  • Black means to repel negative energies
  • Blue, it’s love.

How to use the voodoo doll and roots in Atlanta GA

how to make a voodoo doll at home

Voodoo doll to attract evil

As in voodoo rituals, the colors of pins have a different meaning. In this way, they are used to do good and are used to do evil or harm to some person. That is why, for example;




  • You must use the red pin and place it on the voodoo doll’s head if you want to exert power over a person.
  • Likewise, if you want to use classical torture techniques and want to hurt someone, stick common pins or needles.
  • Similarly, you can use ropes, water, wires, or any other element that represents the torture you want for the person.

Consequences of misuse of voodoo dolls

Finally, it is necessary to clarify that you should be careful when using voodoo dolls. Since improper use can cause effects with harmful karma. Therefore, it creates accidents, conflicts, depression, bad luck, disease, separations, and even death. Now, since you know how to make a voodoo doll, it is important to take the necessary precautions, for the elaboration of this ritual.

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