How To Win The Heart of A Capricorn Man [ Using Love Spells in #3 Hours]

how to win Capricorn man back

How To Win Capricorn Man Back Do you love someone very deeply or is your love one sided? Are you searching how to win Capricorn man and make him fall in love with you ? Do you need to know what love spells to use to heart of a Capricorn man in #3 hours? Or if you are looking how to win over a Capricorn man and make him obsessed with you ? Then believe me you have landed at the perfect place.


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Today you are going to see some of my favorite ” Free Love Spells ”  in action and learn how to win a Capricorn man back without failing. So stay tuned.

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How to win a Capricorn man back
how to win Capricorn man back

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Let’s Dive in:

how to win Capricorn man back
how to win Capricorn man back

1. Free Love Spell on How To Win The Heart of A Capricorn Man:

Best Day: To Perform Magic is Tuesday Night @ 1:45PM

Fortnight: The Moon Should be Dark.

This is one of the very easiest win the heart of a Capricorn man spell that I have practiced ever and which is committed to bind someone in your love with you forever.

Items Required :
• Red Candle
• Black Color Marker & Hair Strands of Desired Person

Procedure :

Write your both’s names on the Red Candle and wrap the hairs around it. Now start burning the candle and keep your focus on the flame. Meanwhile the candle is burning chant love spell 108 times. Follow the same procedure regularly for 3 days. 

Zul Lisaratim Zuitin: Bitarzi Bun Tiris”

And you will notice the person you like or love will start falling for you.

Ask me if you don’t want to invest time in spell chanting. I’ll do entire procedure for you and assure you 100% results. 

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2. Free Red Candle Spell How To Win A Capricorn Man Back:

This how to win over a Capricorn man spell should be performed on Full Moon Night. This is a truly working Indian Spell. This spell not only work with Virgo woman but for all sun signs. Sometimes people ask me ” how to win a Capricorn man back” I can the same spells to those too. 

Things You Need : 

• A 1.5 meter Red Thread, Clove Oil, Red Candle and Two Poppets Wax.
• Here Two Poppets Represent Your and Your Lover or Desired Person.

How To Do Spell Casting :

Place the Red candle in between wax poppets. Now wrap the poppets and candle with Red thread. And light up the candle for 20 minutes and recite the love spell chant I am sharing below. And collect all wax and place it under your pillow.

|| Om Keelm Krishnaye Gopijan Bhalabhyaye Swaha ||

Follow the process for 3 regular nights. And with the Blessing of Lord Kamdev, your desired boy will start attracted towards you and miss you. This is the power of how to win the Capricorn man spell.

Ask me if you don’t want to invest time in spell chanting. I’ll do the entire procedure for you and assure you 100% results. 

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how to win Capricorn man back
how to win Capricorn man back in Los Angeles

3. Free Spells How To win Over A Capricorn Man or Woman :

This how to win over a Capricorn man can be performed by men or women to make him or her like you. This spell has the power to make someone miss you and appear in dreams. If you are thinking to make him dream of you, then this spell to make someone miss you forever is a tiebreaker for you.

Material Required To Do This Spell  :

• 1 Black and 1 Red Color Thread
• White Paper
• Twigs (Stem of A Tree)
• Undergarments of Desired Person

Write the name of a girl or boy you want you to like using Twigs and Red Ink. On the same paper write below the shared spell chant 108 times and roll in undergarments or underwear. Now tie rolled paper and undergarment with Black & Red thread. And burn everything on the stove and throw in the entire ashes in running water.

Follow the entire procedure on Full Moon night. This is how you can make someone miss you.


I am sure you liked the above shared how to win the heart of a Capricorn man and found the way to bring your lover back or fall a guy in your love. But performing these free spells at home is really challenging and results can be expected only if the entire procedure is followed accurately.

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If you are interested and want me to perform these love spells for you then let me know. I’ll perform love spells for you for FREE or pay after the results. If you have any questions, please feel FREE to contact me via WhatsApp, Phone or Email. I am available 24*7 on WhatsApp

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