Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon: What You Need to Know?

Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon: What You Need to Know?

Check out some spells for new moon here for a new beginning.

We all know that each moon phase has distinct meanings, and the new moon is the symbol of a fresh start. No matter what has happened to you, new moon rituals allow you to begin again.

The new moon usually takes place about 28-30 days. It’s a great time for self-reflection and self-encouragement, and to set up new goals as well. By performing new moon spells, your intentions will be amplified and aligned better with the universe’s energy.

Keep scrolling down and you’ll discover some spells for new moon that can help you fulfill your desires in different aspects.

Table of Contents for Romance

  • Easy New Moon Magic Spells to Cast
    • 1. Quick new moon spell with a candle
    • 2. Easy new moon ritual bath
    • 3. Spiritual protection spell
    • 4. New moon fortune & prosperity spell
    • What to do in the new moon period?
  • The Bottom Line

Easy New Moon Magic Spells to Cast

Make sure you do precise research about lunar magic and what each moon phase represents before casting spells for new moon.

As I said earlier, the new moon is the period spiritually associated with new beginning and rebirth. If you want to gain insights into what will be growing in your life, then it’s an ideal time to plant the seeds.

The spell manifests only if you set the right intention.

Before jumping to the ritual stage, make sure to cleanse yourself and your sacred room, spend 15-30 minutes for mediation, and keep your mind at peace.

1. Quick new moon spell with a candle

You need to prepare some incense. Since fresh aromas have connection with the new moon, you should choose lavender, pine, eucalyptus, or lemon balm. Of course, don’t forget a white candle as this color is great for empowerment and enlightenment.

  • Light some incense at first to bring peace to your mind
  • Sit quietly in a private space making you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Leave your cell phone or anything disturbing you away
  • Light the white candle
  • Stare at the flame and focus on your intention
  • Wait for the candle to burn down to finish

Mediation is an important step to harness the new moon’s energy and magic.

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2. Easy new moon ritual bath

To perform this spiritual bath, you need a white candle, a candle with the color matching your intention, and bath salts. To add more effectiveness to the ritual, you can prepare incense and music as well.

To make the bath salts, check this quick recipe:

  • Half a cup of salt
  • One quarter cup of Epsom salt
  • 4 cups (1L) of boiling water
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil

Wait 10 minutes for the mixtures to cool down.

Next, have a look at the following steps to know how to perform the new moon bath ritual.

  • Turn the lights off
  • Light the candles and incense in your bathroom (make sure to have a quick shower before the session)
  • Turn the music on and then fill the tub with warm water
  • Add the bath salts into the water and sit in there
  • Relax and enjoy the scents
  • Visualize the water washing away negativity from you and concentrate on your intention
  • Pull the plug to drain the dirty water when you are ready
  • Pat your body with a towel and clean the bathroom to close the ritual

Perform this ritual 2-3 times in the new moon phase.

3. Spiritual protection spell-Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

With a spiritual protection spell, you’ll need a white candle, a glass of water, a picture of yourself, a big onion, and sea salt (you can alternatively make use of Epsom salt or coarse salt).

  • Light the candle and mediate for 15 minutes
  • Place the glass of water on the altar and make sure the new moon’s shadow can reflect on the water surface
  • Continue place your photo on the altar
  • Slice the onions and mix with sea salt
  • Scatter the mixture around the picture as a circle
  • Focus on your deepest intention when staring at the reflection of new moon and your picture

Let the candle burn down throughout the night to absorb the new moon energy and soon protect you from toxic energy or evil.

Have a look at bad luck symbols to know if there’s any around you.

4. New moon fortune & prosperity spell

Bring to the scene these ingredients if you want to perform this spell: 3 green candles, prosperity herbs (mint, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, or clover), green crystals (jade, emerald, amazonite, or peridor), a pen, and a check.

  • Arrange all green candles on the altar and then place crystals surrounding them
  • Light up the candles
  • Burn the herbs in a safe container as incense (or you can simply use incense sticks for more comfortable)
  • Write your full name in the check with the pen
  • Enter the money amount in numbers and letters, or anything you wish for, as specific as possible
  • Sign the check on the back and keep it underneath your pillow

The universe will later send out abundant, generous energies to fulfill your desire.

What to do in the new moon period?

During this phase, we advise you to clear your mind and organize your altar. To avoid being distracted by negative thoughts, light a white candle everyday for peace and restoration. Have spiritual baths several times a week, and don’t forget to practice meditation to increase the level of your gratitude and relaxation.

You can note down all of your experiences with new moon rituals in your journal.

The Bottom Line-Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

You can return and check out spells for new moon in this article whenever the new moon comes.

Performing spiritual rituals taking advantage of new moon magic can help reflect your current path and manifest new beginnings of your life. You can try the same spell or change it up depending on your personal desires.

What are you waiting for?

Practice new moon magic rituals as soon as this phase comes to relish the beautiful energy and fulfill things you’ve always long for.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Love Making and Romance (Try NOW)

Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon
Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

Do you know that scents can help set the mood for romance?

According to modern witches, scents produced from essential oils are used commonly when it comes to the boudoir. Those passionate smells can fill your bedroom with irresistibly romantic energy, bringing satisfaction to your sex life.

Rather than a luxurious fragrance, essential oils are much handy. You all probably know what they are and what they can do for different aspects of your life. In this article, we’re going to inform you some popular essential oils for love making.

They have the power of healing and calming your energy.

Learn more in the following

Speaking of problems with sexual desire, physically and emotionally, just a bit of essential oils can give you assistance. However, keep in mind that they have many kinds serving different needs of yours. As soon as you feel the lack of your energy, choose the right oils for your situation so that you or the targeted person can feel uplifting and stimulating again.

Find out some essential oils that need to be present in your bedroom:

1. Jasmine-Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

The first name on the list is jasmine.

Indicating the sexual purity and balance, jasmine oil is the favorite choice of most women as it can affect hormonal system and emotional balance. If you feel like your partner or even yourself are tired and not really into making love, take advantage of a few drops of this essential oil.

While reducing depression, anxiety, indifferent feelings, and apathy, jasmine also generates positive energy. In fact, the scent from jasmine can boost one’s mood levels. Putting it in your bed room can help you and your partner find back the eagerness of exploring the intimacy.

Occasionally, check candle color for protection also.

2. Cinnamon

Well, we are all familiar with this spice because it’s one of most used ingredients in the witchcraft. Some practitioners believe that the power of cinnamon has a lot of benefits, including a sexual stimulant. It’s usually utilized to enhance the immune system; in addition, the scent from cinnamon oil can bring harmony to your love making session.

Supporting the reproductive system, you can burn cinnamon oil or cinnamon incenses if wanting your sexual issues get healed.

The smell gives you a warm feeling, helping increase your circulation and blood flow. In case you don’t know, that’s the key to fulfill your desired state of arousal.

3. Rose for Romance

Rose is the symbol of love, and the bouquet of roses is the most romantic choice on the Valentine’s Day as well as other love-related occasions. Thus, it’s not surprising when the rose shows up in this list. The essential rose oil is crucial for the boudoir of many couples.

Representing the divine love, rose possesses a sensual and romantic scent that enables to uplift emotions of the two of you.

4. Patchouli for Romance

For requests about love making potions, you will find that modern witches often use patchouli as one of their ingredients. Similarly, patchouli oil is also a favored option of many because it’s the oil of physicality.

You will smell an earthy, woodsy aroma from patchouli. This oil can ease anxiety and boost energy of two individuals involved. It can also bring out the deepest desire for sex while removing and eliminating inhibitions.

We recommend you to use it several days before the love making event for better results. Patchouli is good for grounding and stabilizing; therefore, inhalations with this kind of oil will help connect your spirit and body with the universe’s energy.

5. Clary sage

What can clary sage do for you?

According to books about herbal ingredients in witchcraft, clary sage oil is the oil of clarity and vision. In terms of love making aphrodisiac, it has the power of affecting the hormonal system.

Do you know why your libido is low? We are prone to ignore our hormones because it’s not important; the thing is that it’s the main reason stopping you from enjoying the love-making wholly. Despite many ways to boost a low libido, clary sage oil will increase your mood. Plus, don’t be affected by depression as negativity can make your libido state worse.

The sweet and nutty flavored smell from clary sage will keep you calm, less anxious and grant a wish to your sexual desire.

How to Use Essential Oils for love making and Romance?

There are plenty of ways to use essential oils and here I’m going to suggest several ideas simple and easy to do at home.

  • The first one is inhalations that can be done daily or even more often.
  • Next, you can perform spiritual baths with a few drops of essential oils, and this method should be applied 2-3 times per week.
  • My favorite choice is massage which can be applied every day.
  • For a serious purpose to be accomplished, you can consider trying sauna once a week
  • The last one is compresses which need to be done as necessary.

When preparing essential oils for use, you should remember not to place them near your phone or any smart device. Don’t use more than 10 drops with the inhalation method.

You can apply the essential oil directly on your body from 2-3 drops in your most sensitive areas for love making.

The Bottom Line-Top 4 Simple Spells for New Moon

That’s all for essential oils for love making and Romance


Our top 5 choices here can uplift the mood and passion of you and your partner in the bedroom. Considered as a non-toxic perfume, the power of essential oils will create a unique chemistry between the two of you.

Please note that some may feel allergic or itchy when contacting with essential oils; therefore, make sure you don’t have any sensitivity. Do a spot test if you want to apply it on your skin, and beginners should start with something not too complicated like jojoba and coconut oils.

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