Sex and stamina spells-Sexual spells

The purpose of the Sexual spells is creating a more satisfying sex life. It’s can be cast for couples or individuals. It increases your libido, improves your performance/endurance, and increase the pleasure during sexual encounters.

What you can expect from me:

Private and personalized approach
Casting done in less than 24h
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Great Sex Life Spell Casting-Sexual spells
Sex magic is almost all about red magic. Also called “magic of love”, “sexual magic” or “lust magic”. Red magic is an occult discipline used to operate most interventions in a sentimental and sexual environment, such as:

Love ligaments and returns-Sex and stamina spells
Sexual ligaments
Ligaments and rituals for different loves
Love spells
Magical love rituals-Sexual spells
Rapprochements and strengthening the relationship of couple
Prevention of sentimental breakups
Empower the intimate relationship between partners
Ritualistic sexual spells performed in red magic works exceptionally and is aimed at generating, awakening or increasing sensations and feelings of extraordinary intensity. This will cause a reaction thanks to a peremptory flow of energies having the purpose of arousing a love or a powerful sexual passion.

Plus, if your relationship is almost on the rocks, you will have the chance to empower your relationship, starting from the deepest form of desire and lust.

POWERFUL SEX SPELLS NO INGREDIENTS-Sex and stamina spells-Sexual spells

There are many magical powerful sex spells and rituals related to the intimate parts of our bodies. Which can be used to enhance, change and attract in any way you feel like. When one talks of sex most think having sex with someone, but that’s not all that comes along with these rituals.

The energy tweaks and boosts the different aspects of sexuality of a person. So all issues related to our intimate parts are resolved. These can include;

  • Boosting sexual stamina
  • Increase of male genital parts
  • Tightening the female parts
  • Sweetening the person
  • Making you irresistible sexually
  • Attracting people sexually
  • And spicing up sex in any relationship-Sex and stamina spells

Now you know that sex spells are not entirely for sex but all the aspects related to it. Just like in a relationship lacking intimacy and sexual enjoyment. Sexual spells to make someone want you sexually are the bomb. And the Hercules hill of almost all failing relationships.

This has been noticed to work for religions like Islam. For a married couple to separate they have to stay and sleep with each other for three months. If by any chance the one that wants to separate never touches his/her partner in any sexual form. The relationship is ended, it is evident that sexual attraction above all is the master key to a successful and happy relationship.

Someone you enjoy with sex and want sexually ignoring others is the person you are open with. And can sustain a long and lasting relationship. You know every inch of their body and what turns them on.



Your body and personality is the first point of attraction that anyone that would love, like and want starts with.  A perfect body in combination with a poor personality is worthless. Start with your inner person before you work on the booty and curves.

Its wasted sweat and gym membership. A person with a good personality attracts and lures people in with their inner person. Most people have just enough of both but are shy and introverts. They cannot express themselves and have fun with the people they are attracted to.

Sexual spells  are specifically cast to change you right from the inside. Transform into a sexy and fierce goddess and stud. This a powerful spice to add to your relationship and turn it up a notch.

VOODOO SEX SPELL-Sex and stamina spells

Activate sexual argue in an instant, if you feel horny why not make a booty call spell. Get your lover to feel the same and act accordingly. That is be on fire and try as hard to me up with you or come back home very fast. To have some good time with you that he/she yearns for with the power of this wiccan powerful sex spells

Love Doll Spell;-Sexual spells

Make a doll out of cinnamon dough (see Spice Up Your Sex Life Love Doll Spell later in this chapter). When the doll has dried, take a red candle and singe the bottom of its feet while saying:

You burn for me as I yearn for you.

Be careful not to burn the feet too badly. Before you know it, your lover should come running straight to you. When you are not working with your doll, keep it wrapped in a clean white cloth, away from nosy neighbors, prying eyes, and hungry critters.



These sex spell to attract the  person to love  that you fancy, and make them want you sexually. I think it is more efficient than scrolling and paying top dollars to dating apps and websites. These promise you hookup partners and easy sex but it’s not the case when you pay up.

If you are already down that hole, don’t barge but cast and do these sex spells with me and start having real fun. If you were lucky enough not to fall for the false hope dating sites give. And you still want to have sexual pleasure with no attachments or commitments. This powerful sex spell to attract someone sexually is for you.



As I said get laid boys and girls with no feelings attached. But if you wish to have love and feelings with that person. And you are in a relationship that you only want to spice up. This spell to make someone want you sexually can be of great benefit.

This comes in a scenario where you are in a relationship and you have never explored each other sexually. Sex is a huge step that takes your relationship from A to B. I mean like just dating and friends to a couple or people that are intimate and would consider marrying each other.

Spells to make someone want you sexually, are effective in a way that makes that person personally fancy and want with no pressure applied to them. Let them submit to your actions and give you a taste of the forbidden apple.


Powerful sex spells are one of the best known ways to spice up your sex life is by bewitching your target through a doll that represents him or her. This spell requires that you make the doll yourself with cinnamon dough. Spicy, sweet, fun, and a recipe for success, this is one powerful love spell.

How to make cinnamon dough-Sexual spells

  • 1½ cups ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup applesauce
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • ¼ cup white school glue (like Elmer’s)
  • Bowl
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Rolling pin
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie cutter in the shape of a figure
  • Red ribbon or yarn for hanging

Mix cinnamon, applesauce, honey, and glue together in a bowl. The dough should be as thick as cookie dough. Add a bit of water if the dough is too stiff. Remove from bowl and knead. Put it back in the bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let sit for at least a half hour.

Remove the dough, knead again to make sure it’s smooth. Flatten/roll the dough between waxed paper until it’s between one-quarter-inch thick and one eighth-inch thick.

Cut out a figure using a cookie cutter. Gently place the shape on a piece of clean wax paper. It will take three to five days to dry, and you will need to turn it over a couple of times a day for it to dry evenly and flat.

Don’t be surprised to see the doll get smaller during the drying process. Keep this in mind when you pick out the cookie cutter for your figure shape.

You will also notice that if you do not turn the ornaments over often enough while they are drying, the edges of the ornaments will curl. Once your doll has dried, eat a piece of it every evening starting at a new moon, saying, “As you become part of me, so let me become part of you.

” Do this for nine minutes each day until the moon is full. Repeat at the next new moon and at each new moon until you see the desired results.


To change the sex of a person takes a huge amount of energy to make it work. But not impossible, with a sex change spell you don’t need to under the long, tiresome and painful surgical procedures. Or pay huge sums of money to change yourself to the sex that you want.

And with this sex change spell and ritual you are able to change yourself back to the original sex that you were with no extra cost or surgical procedures.


Powerful Sex spells are effective relationship and person kind of magic to attract, lure and make someone want you sexually. Used for many benefits like spicing up relationships. Moving stagnant relationships to a level up.

If you wish to cast these spells on your own, please go on. But the results and effectiveness is not guaranteed. Because normal people have less knowledge experience and natural powers to cast spells. They are prone to error and lack of the materials. But this shouldn’t not stop you from releasing your desires.

I cast spells at a friendly and considerable price, and sure that instead of buying ingredients and time. Employ me to help you realize your goals and desires in no time.

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