Top 5 Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients For FREE

Top 5 Simple Love Spells Without ingredients For Free

Top 5 Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients For FREE

When you have special feelings for someone, you may want to look for a simple love spell that works fast.

With the purpose of drawing your true love to you, it?s easy to find many simple and powerful love spells for beginners nowadays. They all come in quiet many different formats ? while some spells can be done solely through your intent and chant, other spells require tools for the magic to work.

Of all spells, I?m sure you will find an excellent love spell assisting you in getting your lover to fall back for you in the best way.

Check out a list of spells of love for a specific person!

If you are just beginners, here are some simple love spells without ingredients that you can try?no complex at all.

this is the List of Top 5 Simple Love Spells

1. Imagination love spell chant

Of all love spell chants, this is a very straightforward and direct spell that can be done from any location. Requiring no ingredients, all you need is just to look for a quiet, dark, and isolated room avoiding you from distraction.

How to do:

  1. Sit with your legs crossed in a dark and quiet space
  2. Lift your hands in the prayer position, close your eyes, and start meditating while thinking about the person you love
  3. Visualize your crush as specific as possible
  4. Talk to them through your mind and let them feel your undying love using the inner soul
  5. Imagine the two of you coming together and fulfilling all wishes of this spell
  6. Pray to the highest powers and ask to be blessed with the future love life
  7. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and go to sleep; then simply wait for the spell to display the result

2. Attraction love spell

Looking for any love spells that work overnight?

Well then you don?t want to miss out this attraction love spell, especially if you are having an eye on someone and want to make them fall for you. As a powerful spell, it will show the result effectively in a short time.

The use of this love spell is to draw your love interest to you without any ingredient (candles, pieces of paper, etc.)

How to do:

  1. Bring the picture of the person you like to your room
  2. Before going to bed, remember to look into the eyes of that person
  3. Wish your crush goodnight with a strong emotion of love while staring at the picture
  4. Repeat the same procedure when you wake up in the next morning, wishing the person good morning
  5. Keep doing this until you feel the person approach to you
  6. Finish the ritual with the chant: ?My beloved, you are already in my life. Come to me and hug me physically. Come show me your love that I?m dying for. I am waiting for you.?

3. Heart love spell chant among Top 5 Simple Love Spells

Here comes another simple love spell without ingredients that works in minutes!

You are advised to do the heart love spell chant at night, right before going to bed. Sometimes the perfect timing plays a big role in the final result. For a desirable outcome, please follow the steps below.

How to do:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed
  2. Create a heart shape with your hands
  3. Close your eyes and start thinking about the person you fall for
  4. Focus your mind on the person?s picture and visualize things you want the person to do for you as well as how your relationship will be like
  5. Say the following chant with the eye closed: ?Thank you the highest powers of Mother Nature for bringing Mr. X (or Ms. X) to my conscious and subconscious mind. Lasting love is all I need from that person. Make him/her last for me.?
  6. Repeat the chant thrice
  7. Ask the highest powers to bless you before finish the spell

4. Lust spell among Top 5 Simple Love Spells

If you want to make someone lust and need you, then take advantage of the lust spell here. This is the spell helping you to communicate with the highest powers from the Universe through your conscious mind in order to bring your desire on display and get your crush to feel that.

How to do:

  1. Find an isolated room and sit in there without wearing clothes
  2. Close your eyes and keep a relaxed mind
  3. Slowly visualize being together with the person you always want to spend time with
  4. Fill your mind with only positive thoughts about your love interest within a minute
  5. Say the following chant emotionally: ?I invoke the highest powers of the Universe to make Mr. X (or Ms. X) lust for me. Make him/her need me and love me. Make him/her think of me every night before going to bed, and morning upon waking up.?

This spell will work in the near future if you have a strong faith for it.

5. Making the person dream of you spell

Dreams have powerful implication, do you know?

By using this love spell, you are able to access your love interest?s subconscious mind and communicate with them mentally.

Follow the steps below to find out how to make that person dream about you.

How to do:

  1. Take a shower before going to bed
  2. Change all of your beddings into white
  3. Go to bed while completely naked, with a relaxed mind and fully-stretched legs comfortably
  4. Whisper the name of the person you like a couple of times and keep having thoughts about them
  5. Cover your whole body in a white blanket and repeat calling the person?s name until you fall asleep

Final Thoughts on the Top 5 Simple Love Spells

When you practice any love spell that works in minutes, you need to put 100% of your energy and focus into the whole process for a successful result. If you keep being distracted, then it certainly won?t work.

In case you want to cast spells on your own, I recommend you to do the meditation the day before.

Remain a peaceful, positive energy and you will get a touch to the power of magic.

Try the Top 5 Simple Love Spells without ingredients above for a high chance to win the heart of the person you have longed for a long time.

How to Cast a Love Spell of Your Own?

easy ways to practice your own spell, Top 5 Simple Love Spells
Top 5 Simple Love Spells

Significantly, love magic is strong and powerful.

It is believed the love between people has such intense emotions and energies. Therefore, you must take the responsibility and accept the consequence when practicing free love spells. While practicing, be aware of your intention and what you do.

Keep in mind that karma will return ? what you expect from others will come back to you, even with stronger intention than what you have sent before. In terms of love magic, you can only achieve good results with positive thought and action.

You?re not encouraged to manipulate the will of the person you desire because it won?t bring any positive outcome; however, most people usually make this mistake frequently.

Before availing the magic, it?s a must to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How deep is your love to the desired person?
  • Why do you want to be with that person?
  • Is it true love or just physical attraction?

For those who have a strong faith in love as well as in the mystic power of drawing what you want by your strong, positive intention, don?t ignore the chance of learning how to cast your own love spell in the following.

See if the tips here can bring you the love you’re looking for!

1. Set your intention

Don?t know how to get your love interest to notice you?

Yes, a simple love spell working straight away can serve you with the aim of attracting someone completely strange into your life. Not yet, it also has the power that can heal a wounded relationship and eliminate the potential negativity from surroundings.

By setting a good intention for your spell-casting ritual, you?ll gain an insight of things you?d like to accomplish in mind from the universe.

  • Be aware of your intention?s potential drawbacks initially. If you want to cast magic on someone else, you have to accept the fact there will be a possibility they are in person not as interesting or attractive as you expected.
  • Never forget the rule of three whenever doing the spell; according to the Wiccan Rede, all the things you sent to the universe will make their return threefold in your life. Thus, give love selflessly and you?ll take it endlessly.
  • Prevent your mind from forming intentions involving manipulating, controlling, or dominating anyone. Instead, you should focus on creating a spell based on concrete, positive intentions in order to encounter with someone who is nurturing and supportive.
2. Prepare essential materials-Top 5 Simple Love Spells

The ingredients utilized for the spells depend on the love you want to attract, specifically.

  • Emphasizing the color (candles, flowers, clothes, etc.) which associates with your needs during the ritual. For example, red carrying the meaning of passion and lust, while white indicates innocence or a platonic relationship.
  • Add herbs into your spell to promote love and relationship, sexual fulfillment.
  • Make use of symbolic items ? choose something representing you well, meaningful to you, or having a special significance to you. If you?re working on Voodoo love spell, then you must take a thing from your desired person (hair, cloth, or pin).

Note:Items having negative energy, such as knives, needles, or ropes, should be put aside from your spell-casting ritual of Top 5 Simple Love Spells

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