Love Spell for Commitment

Love Spell for Commitment,commitment love spells

Love Spell for Commitment  makes him or her committed While the attraction spell is used to make your desired people attracted to you

The commitment love spells are cast to create an added sense of dedication, faith, and commitment in your relationship with your existing partner.

In fact, if you are still in the initial phase of your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You can use the commitment spells to take your relationship to the next level.

If you have been waiting for your partner to propose to you or you want to propose to your partner in the near future,

commitment spells may do the trick and get you to that next level in your relationship.

The Full Moon Love Binding Spell-Love Spell for Commitment

The full moon love binding spell is a commitment spell that is performed for a long-lasting, committed, and faithful relationship.

As you can guess from its name, the best time to cast this spell is during the full moon.

A full moon commitment spell will aid you in being faithful and committed to your partner to have a lasting and healthy relationship.

It is a very powerful binding spell to create strong ties with your partner so that both you and your partner are not influenced by other people, family, or work and stick with you.

But since this is a full moon spell, you will need to pay full attention to the Lunar Cycle for the spell to work.

The best time to cast it successfully and strongly is when there is a new moon.

. The Lunar Cycle is an astrological system that revolves around the different phases of the moon.

And when there is a New Moon, it is the perfect time for new beginnings and high hopes.

It is also the perfect time to ask what you want from the universe and plan for your deepest desires.

The New Moon is the accurate indicator of new beginnings, it will be a great start for a loving and committed relationship for you.

This commitment spell is used for all types of commitments, including romantic relationships.

To cast a commitment spell, you will need:
  • A red candle
  • A pink or red candle (in addition to the one mentioned above)
  • A long thread string in blue or red color
  • Two poppets* for you and your partner

A poppet is a doll that represents you and the other party involved in the commitment spell

. In witchcraft, the spells are targeted towards these poppets. For the Full Moon Love Binding spell,

you will need to create two handmade poppets using the pink or red candle’s wax.

Melt the candle to get candle wax and then shape it into two poppets, representing you and the other involved party.

Here’s how to do a love spell for quick commitment:

  • Put the red candle mentioned in the first bullet between both the poppets.
  • Wrap the thread string around both the poppets and make sure the candle is between them when they are wrapped together.
  • After wrapping, tie both the poppets into a knot to keep them secure. Make sure you have more than enough string left hanging off the knotted poppets.
  • When it’s the first night of a full moon, light the candle that is between the poppets.
  • Think and focus on your desire and be honest with your intentions for a faithful and committed relationship.
  • Now wrap the hanging string around the poppets and the candle in one more round and say,
  • “I am bound to thee and thee to I. In love to be, I bind you to me.”
  • Now light the candle for twenty minutes.

Now as long as you keep this wax that is used in the commitment spell safe with you, your relationship with your partner will remain committed and bound together.

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