7 Signs to Leave Relationship

7 Signs to Leave Relationship,7_signs_to_leave_a_relationship_main_957x500

the 7 Signs to Leave Relationship If you find yourself at the stage where you are considering the viability of your relationship,

take some time to consider the following 7 ways to know if you should leave a relationship:

1. A healthy relationship is not issue free, but it does need two people who are willing to communicate and resolve issues as they arise.7 Signs to Leave Relationship

Silence, ghosting, blame throwing and a refusal to address what is happening will not resolve anything.7 Signs to Leave Relationship

2. It is important that you are both on the same path. If you are attached to the outcome, and your love interest is seeking a casual interaction, you could waste a lot of time pursuing something that is NOT being offered. A long term commitment is only attainable if you both want it.

3. Actions speak louder than words. When someone says all the right things, it it very easy to hang in there and wait for these dreams and promises to materialise Signs to Leave Relationship

Pay close attention to what this person is doing. Do their actions match what they are telling you?

4. SLOW DOWN! The first three to six months of any new interaction is not the time to get overly attached. It’s the time to have fun and get to know one another. You may feel an instant attraction and a bond, but it is based on the very limited amount that you know about one another, not on the whole package.7 Signs to Leave Relationship

5. Never wait for someone to change. Love is about accepting others for who they are, not who you want them to be.7 Signs to Leave Relationship

When someone does not want the same things as you, it does not mean they are wrong or that they need to be different to make you happy. If you cannot love them for who they are, then this is not about love.

7 Signs to Leave Relationship early

6. Know your own worth. If you accept poor behaviour you are sending a message that it’s ok. It is important to set boundaries and to enforce those boundaries when necessary.

7. Never allow the fear of being alone to trap you in a bad relationship. Being a martyr to someone else’s dysfunction is NOT better than being alone! 7 Signs to Leave Relationship

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