spells to make someone think of you.

spells to make someone think of you.
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Would you like to be in someone’s mind all the time? Would you like your boyfriend or ex-partners to think and dream of you constantly? Today we will see a spell to make him dream of you, so you’re always on his mind.

This small white magic spell is perfect for many applications. You can use it if you recently break up and you want to recover him; or if you’re in a relationship and feel that your lover is not thinking about you as much as he or she should; or if you love someone and want to be on his mind all the time.

These are just some examples of the uses of this spell to make a man dream of you. It is also a great spell if you are interested in someone sexually. His mind will open to you in ways you had not imagined.

Spell to make a man dream of you

You will need:

  • White cotton fabric
  • Cotton to use as filler
  • Paper
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Needle and thread

How to make the spell to make a man dream of you:

You will have to make a small pillow. To do this, first cut two pieces of fabric and sew three sides of the rectangle or square. If you want the pillow to be circular, then sew all around, leaving a little hole in order to fill the pillow. Then fill the pillow with cotton. In the end, remember to put inside Rosemary and Lavender. Use the needle and thread to close the pillow.

Then write the name of the person that you want to spell on the paper, and then write exactly what you want. For example “Dream of me going to the park”. Then, prepare your altar and trace your magic circle. Once it’s done, stand and hold the pillow with your two hands, hold the paper together with the pillow and pronounce the following incantation:

Oh Morpheus, Oh Hypnos, 

Ancient gods of the night!
This is (person’s name),
Please stay on his bed and
help me as well as I will thank you.
I elevate my voice strong and high,
To the place where the dreams are made.
I send this message clear and powerful:
Make him dream of me all the dark night.”

Spell to make a man dreams about you

A Wicca spell to dream about you

If you do it correctly and throughout the two-week period I recommend, you will be able to invade that special person’s mind with affectionate dreams and thoughts for you, and attract the relationship you are looking for. While it’s not a love spell, it can have a similar effect and can certainly trigger the healthy love relationship you want.
This spell is inspired by Wicca’s practice and will really work if you do it the right way. This is because Wiccans follow the cycles of the moon and sun and rely on daily rituals in their religious practices to achieve their own personal goals. But you don’t have to invoke a God or Wicca Goddess if you don’t believe in them. There’s a very simple explanation for why the spell will work anyway.
The universe is full of various forms of energy and it is through how we harness those powerful cosmic forces that we will be able to achieve what we want for our lives. This energy is filtered through each atom of matter in the cosmos and can be easily used to achieve various purposes. In my opinion,
Wiccan spells are simply a method that allows us to channel and focus this energy. Secondly, the mind is very powerful. The belief that something will work for you is often rewarded with success. Like the power of placebo in medical studies, anything you can convince yourself of is going to work for you and do just that. That’s how powerful the mind is. Harnessing the power of the universe and directing it with your consciousness, this ritual spell has the power to change your life.
Our dreams are one of the most influential factors of our psyche. All dream spells are simple charms and simply insert images into the minds of the subject on which they are made. It’s a subliminal process and in most cases, the person will never know what’s going on. But when done correctly and for the appropriate amount of time, the images you implant will begin to occupy more and more of your mind awake. This should lead to a receptive environment for you to try to start a relationship with him or her.
How will you know that this spell for me to dream about is working? Pay attention to your behavior during each encounter. Is he getting shyer around you? Do you catch him staring at you? Does he tend to smile in your presence when he used to? Pay close attention to your body language to assess the effect of this spell on your potential relationship.
Don’t be surprised if he asks you out. This spell has the power to infect your mind with images of you so it can approach you without the slightest idea why it’s doing it. You may feel that I should simply talk to you because of the power of thoughts you have placed in your mind. Also, don’t be afraid to start an interaction if you see signs that the spell is working.
Finally, this spell can also be used if you’re already in a relationship that needs a nudge or to recover an ex-lover from your past. You don’t have to be looking for a new partner to do this spell. So, if you want to make any man dream of you, simply execute this spell as follows.

“Dream of Me” Spell

You must begin this spell on a new moon night. This moment is extremely important. This is when the moon is completely dark. This darkness symbolizes the mind of your potential partner and the absence of thoughts, the void present for you to act. Start this ritual during the new moon and continue every night for two full weeks until the moon is full.
Perform the spell just before going to bed, as this is also very essential. Preferably, the spell should be completed when you are tired and ready to sleep. I suggest going to bed every night at the same schedule. You must not skip any night or vary the time each time you do this spell. If you can achieve it correctly, the next full moon your lover’s head will be as full of thoughts of you as the moon in its radiant reflective light.
Do the spell with very little or no light inside your room. You don’t have to wear a candle or burn incense to prepare, but enter a state of complete relaxation and calm. You can use Yoga to accomplish this, but anything can work as long as it’s right for you.
 You must clear your mind of any wandering thoughts that are going around. Set aside the events of the day and any other potential distractions before you begin. Now start filling your mind with warmth and desire. Think only of the person you want as you begin to focus every thought and image you have on this amazing man. Start imagining his face, his posture, or any recent memories you have of your encounters with him.
Once you’ve focused on visualizing the person, add the feelings you’ve had for them to this mix of thoughts. It can help to smile or display any body language with which you express your interest.
This will strengthen the connection between you and your potential lover, which you are building through this ritual. Do you have butterflies in your stomach when you think of him? Let yourself be explored and expressed during the ritual. Are your thoughts about him primarily of a sexual nature?
Feel free to caress your body if this allows you to expand your connection with it. Keep meditating only on the images of this man until your feelings become so intense that you can almost feel his presence in the room with you. This can take as little as five or ten minutes or as much as half an hour. Once you reach this level of connectivity with it, then it is time for the next step of the spell.

spells to make someone think of you
“Dream of Me” Spell
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Now, visualize you two somewhere acting like a couple. You can choose anywhere, such as a café or a secluded beach. It can be a completely fictional scenario or somewhere where you’ve previously met it.
Once you’ve chosen this place, continue using the same visualization for the next two weeks. Focus on this scene of the two of you being together alone. Remove all thoughts from anyone else in your mind. Now, keeping this image firmly in your mind, say aloud the following spell:
“This scene I have created,
Just for your mind to invade.
I want you to wake up in love,
Dream about me and just for me.
There we are silent,
We’ll be together and we’ll be the same.
Give me all your thoughts,
Tonight you will dream of me.”
Once you say the spell, fill your mind once more with an image of it and gradually go to sleep. If you have a photo, this can be very useful. Check his Facebook or Instagram profile for a photo if you find it hard to keep his image in your mind unaided.
Hold your phone with your photo on it during the ritual if this helps you focus only on it. It is very important that you do nothing more between spell and sleep, as other thoughts can cloud the process and dilute the effectiveness of the spell. I wish you luck in conquering the man of your dreams or reconnecting with the one you already know.

If you want, you can combine this spell with one Spell to make someone call you. Both spells can be used at the same time to improve the chances of success.

Here ends this spell to make a man dream of you. If you are desperate and you want a special person to think of you, if you want him to remember you, to miss you, or want to be with you .
When enhancing memory in an ex-boyfriend you must be patient, the changes will not come overnight. Keep in mind that memory enhances feelings, but until they’re imposed, the behavior isn’t altered. Spells to miss you can be the perfect tool for your ex-boyfriend to have a greater interest in you and end up looking for you. At first only as friends, but by opening that way of communication, you will be able to get the relationship further.

How to make someone think of you all the time?

Today we will see a series of white witchcraft spells to enter to the head of that special person who you want to attract, and do think only about you. These spells work really well for me and that is why I am sharing them here. This type of spell is better to do during the waxing moon. With the beams of the full moon, the spell will be powerful and effective.

White magic to make him think about you

This spell seems to work well for the most who tested it. I’ve done this spell so often and my friends and followers also are one of those spells of love that just works.

spells to make someone think of you
spells to make someone think of you

Spell: I command you to think about me

What you will need:

  • Red candle (if you don’t have a red candle, use a white one)
  • Cherry incense
  • Image of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person, and you can’t get one, write the person’s name on a piece of white paper and looking at the paper imagine the person with intense concentration and clarity.

To do this spell to make someone think of you, start at night, about 11 p.m., holding the candle, and load it with your intentions. Imagine the person thinking about you, day and night. Visualize you see in your dreams (it is possible that you also want to send a message through these dreams). Visualize how he or she thinks of you, at work, at home, or at shopping. Imagine your picture spinning in his head. Say aloud what you think.

spells to make someone think of you all the time

Light the incense and red candle. Lie down on the floor and imagine yourself entering on his mind. Imagine as he thinks of you. You are putting these thoughts in his head. If you are doing it correctly you will feel a tingling feeling in the head. This is your connection. Hold the image of the person, and say the following:

“Goddess of love enter in your field,
Your thoughts will be as I command you.
Everything you see, what you will do,
Only and always in your mind.”

i think about you all the time -spells to make someone think of you

Place the picture of the person under the lighted red candle. Then think about the thoughts that you want to embed in his head, over and over again like a broken record. If you can do this until the candle burns completely, this is much better. It’s possible that you wish to leave the candle next to your bed and continue meditating and visualizing until you fall asleep.

The person will not only think about you constantly, but he also dreams about you!

spells to make someone think of you
spells to make someone think of you
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Another spell of white magic to make him think about me

This spell to make someone think about you worked for me and many other people. You can realize when someone is already thinking about you. Don’t be afraid to try it. Many of my first love spells worked for me so fast that, basically, they could not be just coincidences.

I suggest to start slowly with small experiments, and if this spell to make someone think of you does not work at the beginning, you can continue browsing the blog in search of other simpler spells.

Spell to make him think of you

Necessary elements

  • 1 Small mirror
  • A picture of him or her
  • Picture of you
  • Belief in the power of magic and the powers within yourself
  • spells to make someone think of you


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