3 simple Latin spells for love

3 simple Latin spells for love you can cast at home, just try it!

Throughout our website, we have given a rather interesting number of love spells, but more and more people write to me asking me for spells in Latin. Almost all the spells and spells I teach come from the Renaissance, although some were adapted by wizards closer to our time. Today we will travel a little further in time, and talk about love spells in Latin, a language almost inseparable from magic.

 3 simple Latin spells for love
3 simple Latin spells for love

We should actually talk about spells or enchantments, and not so many spells, although all these Latin phrases were then used to shape more or less popular love spells during the Renaissance.

Let us then move on to the first of the  3 simple Latin spells for love:

Latin spell for the return of the loved one

The first of these 3 Latin love spells have to do with retrieving an ex-partner.

During a full moon night you should look up at the sky and say aloud:


This spell of love in Latin serves to intervene in the decision of someone who has abandoned us. Careful, it can only be done once and then wait for the results. You should never repeat a love spell until you are unsure of its actual impact on the target.

Let’s remember that the pronunciation of Latin is not exactly the same as that of modern languages, so I suggest looking on youtube for a video explaining how to pronounce it correctly.

Latin Spell to Keep Together

The second Latin love spell functions as a union so that a couple does not separate.

It should be recited three times in a row during the morning. It’ll be the first thing you do when you see yourself in the mirror:


If the person to which we dedicate this spell of love in Latin is a woman, we must change the word MENS to FEMINA.

Latin Spell to Fall in Love

The last spell of love in Latin, at least the last one we will give today, allows you to fall in love with both a man and a woman.


Finally, I mean that none of these Latin love spells are really dangerous. As I said earlier, they are more spells and enchantments than proper love spells, however, they can be very useful as reinforcement since they are all quite simple to perform.

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Spells in Latin, try these easy spells now!

Latin Spells. Many spells and incantations used words which are pronounced to produce a change in our world, using the power of magic. Some believe that words have the power to create. Some believe that if we utter our spells in Latin, then the words of the spell acquire more power as the natural language of magic being used.

Spells in Latin
3 simple Latin spells for love

Other people believe that he regardless of the language used, because words have the same power of your intention, whether you use Latin or English. Some old Latin spells have come down to us and are still used today to make protection or love spells. Test with an incantation in Latin and then you can continue working with your spells in English, to see what works best for you.

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Spells in Latin

Say this out loud as you look towards the sky. This is a very old spell of rain that is made to bring rain in five minutes:

“Elementum recolligo Huic commodo locus mihi vestri vox.
Elementum ego unda dico vos.
Permissum Pluit es est meus nos sic vadum is exsisto”.

Incantation in Latin for love

Incantations in Latin can also make attract to your life the love you’re looking for. Use this incantation in Latin with caution, because it might work, so only use it if you are very sure of what you wish. Clear your mind and think about a person you want to attract. Say aloud:

“I nunc amit me te amare simul (Name) quoque sicerit in me ex caritate.”

Old latin spell to heal

This spell is for minor heals, like small cuts, bruises or small scratches. Say these words out loud and close to the person who has the wound:

“Tui gratia Iovis gratia sit cures.”

Incantation in latin to calm down  the wind

Stand outside and say the following words:
“Venire ventus venire, sinere solus sentire relaxari, venire nunc nunc venire, venire venire venire.”

 3 simple Latin spells for love
3 simple Latin spells for love

Spell to read the mind of someone – advanced

This spell allows you to think or feel like the person that do the spell. You must be close to the person when you do the spell. You will need a picture of the person and an open mind. Meditate for a few minutes, focusing on the person in question. Pronounce this incantation in Latin out loud while you look at the picture:

“Accerso alius sententia ut mihi, phasmatis of interregnum ego dico, solvo meus mens mei, ego dico phasmatis audite meus placitum meus mens quod iacio (person’s name).”

It is believed that Latin spells involve a magical power much stronger than any other language spells.

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