LOVE CURSES – are they dangerous or safe

LOVE CURSES – are they dangerous or safe

LOVE CURSES and love spells
are they dangerous or safe- love curses

Love curses can seem to resemble love spells or chants, but are not in any way that much similar. Wanting someone to fall deeply in love with you may blind you to the point of wanting to make them fall with no free will. And this causes you to put a curse on him or her. To love and cherish only you and never another.

LOVE CURSES  in Las vegas  – are they dangerous or safe

Even when you two breakup, he/she can never get over you and will come back craving your love. Its said love is selfish but, you should never cross certain lines when casting love magic or any other form of witchcraft spells. They carry unimaginable consequences when you do.

And if you lack experience it can mean endangering your life or the person your love cursing.  He/she can kill themselves if you refuse them or separate at some point in time. Or end your life or the both of you if they see fit.

love curses – what does it really represent

love curses are not just black magic but dark magic spells. That are dangerous to any person that is involved in the ritual.

I emir zayed does not engage myself in such extreme positions unless when cleansing someone that has been under the influence. And quote it clearly that I will not love curse anyone no matter the condition you are facing.

Do  you have to curse someone in order to love you insanely


First of all, sanity is required in order for someone to be truly in love with you. And the target person goes out of their minds, that not love, it is obsession or lust. And it can be made to last for as long as you need it, but it’s not what you can enjoy as a couple.

Secondly, love is manifested and not forced. I advise all my clients to make sure they either love the person. Or the person loves them, because this will be the catalyst to make the other person love you back. But if your heart has reached a point to be obsessed about a person and willing to put a love curse on him or her. You will only resonate bad energy leading to wrong results or side effects.

Thirdly, after a period of time you can fall out of love with this person and would like to end the relationship. But with a love curse, a reversal ritual can only be dome by a professional. Not simple chants and mantras that can be directed to you in order to break a love spell you cast on someone.

Finally, always first self-reflect and put oneself in the shoes of your desired victim. If it was you to be put through such inhumane trauma.  Cast a love spell instead and slowly win over the person to become your soulmate.

What to do if you’ve had change in heart

Consider having a love spell cast on your behalf and plant a seed of love in the heart of your desired person. And witness friends become, lovers, fiancés and later on husband and wife.

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LOVE CURSES from Ex Lovers – are they dangerous or safe

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