Can someone really cast a spell on you and would you know if they did?””

Can someone really cast a spell on you | 1 Top spell to know

Can someone really cast a spell on you | 1 Top spell to know “Witchcraft and spells is a religion not a backup plan to failures in life”

If you have encountered such a dilemma you can tell by some signs and symptoms that become evident due to magical interference. But for someone with little or no experience to knowledge about spells and witchcraft. He/she can never really tell unless he/she gets help from a professional in spells, occult religions or rituals that involve witchcraft.

Before drawing conclusions, spell casting and magic is based on belief and knowledge. If you are aware of its existence and believe it has effect on our lives you may have a greater chance at noticing it.

But if you don’t believe, then if you encounter magic and torment from it, your conclusions can be directed to other directions like fate, bad luck or GOD’s will.

Can someone really cast a spell on you | 1 Top spell to know

Someone can cast a spell on you whether you believe or not. And they can cause visible change to your life in any way they wish. And this spell can either do good, bad or control you according to their intent. Whether to make you fall in love with them, divorce, have bad luck, revenge, prosperity or good health.

Holly books and scripts state it clearly about existence of magic and how it was used in the path of religion. Muslims, Christians and so respect the holly books and existence of magic in the world as well as magical creatures.

If your conclusion to the later paragraph is yes, you believe. Then it will be hard to ignore the possibility of magical existence and effects on our lives.

These creatures have existed for centuries since the beginning of time, and its stated in the Quran how earth was first populated by magical creatures called Djinns made out of fire with abilities man doesn’t have.


If you are knowledgeable about sorcery, spells casting and witchcraft, you may be able to tell. But before the spell fully manifests on you. For a sorcerer {spells caster} he/she can be able to tell according to signs and gifts he possess and protects himself.

But if someone is just in the process of conjuring energies in your direction. It will very hard for you to read the signs if you are not an occult believer.

What I recommend is not to wait for things to go south but to have protection shield around you through a protection spell. It can keep away all the negative energies caused by magic and spells directed to you.

And why not protect your whole family with my family protection spell. If you are shielded and the magic skips you and affects your family instead. What will you do differently.


If you find the right information you will clearly know about the existence of magic and witchcraft. That is Egyptian history in the bible and the rest.

And you who is looking for a way to turn your life around. A powerful spell from the right place, person and time will do wonders for you. For love, relationships, court cases, and other life avenues.

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Can someone really cast a spell
Can someone really cast a spell to have sex

Are You Looking For Eternal Love? Cast My Effective Eternal Love Spells

Those who have ever encountered the pillars of eternity spell know what it means by being eternal. Eternal love is love that never fades. It loves that keeps on renewing with every passing minute and day. It is the kind of love that will make your relationship grand and exclusive. Have you ever thought of having a woman or man who yearns to be at your side forever and ever?

That kind of situation can be created by casting this powerful spell that works. This man or woman in any case, will be able to commit, really, effectively and in mutual solidarity to your whims and desires after the spell has been cast. You will get to position 7 or even a higher one on the pillars of eternity spell.

Can someone really cast a spell on you
Can someone really cast a spell on you

Why And When To Cast My effective Eternal Love Spells For Love

This ritual of love should be cast during the full moon; the moon phase will serve to a slow start, but be sure to effectively round up the relationship in all aspects. You also need to reciprocate the love that you are giving. This spell is made for the two people love each other and it should not be used for selfish reasons. On the other, this spell can function better if cast during the first full moon of the month.

This is because when the first full moon lights, , it will mean that your love shine with all the necessary forces to last forever. The ancient Mayans used the moon to perform their various ancient rituals. This spell works perfectly with the moon, and that is why the spell must be performed with the light of this natural satellite only. There shouldn’t be any artificial light because it may end up ruining the strength and tenacity of the spell.

Ingredients: red candles, a mirror and a picture of that person you love

Casting My Effective Eternal Love Spells That Work

On a full moon night, place the picture of the beloved on the ground. Upon it, place the red candles and light them in the presence of the full moon. This can be done on the rooftop or at the window of your house. Place the mirror 90 degrees near the candles and watch the flames burning on the mirror. While that is happening, say the following words:

amiti kede kwoona ducu. Yin myero ibed mera nakanaka”

After the candles have burned, collect the wax and bury them in the ground with the mirror. You should also remember that magic, just like it is in the pillars of eternity spell, has levels. You may no be better at spell casting than me. Contact me in case of any difficulties so atahat ai can cast it for you.

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