How to Put Roots on a Man to Keep Him? [Step-By-Step]

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Why do you need to put roots on a man to keep him?

If your man is not focused on your relationship as he should be if he doesn’t want to create something important and it seems like he doesn’t want to commit this is the perfect ritual to make him change his mind and to have him exactly where you want him!

When do you need to perform the ritual?

After a fight for wanting different things, after he does something that is not good for the couple and, of course, if he is cheating and you want him to stop and feel connected and “anchored” to you and to your love.

How does this work?

It’s an easy ritual that, with the power of your love, some special ingredients, and a small tree, will give you the chance to really connect with your man on another level and make him feel this connection in a stronger, more powerful way.

After this ritual, he won’t be that interested in looking for happiness and connection in other situations or with other women.

How long does it take to manifest?

Magic always takes some time to manifest. In this case, this ritual might take around 10-20 days to manifest but, as I always recommend, don’t freak out over the timing and the manifestation process! You need to believe in magic and trust it to manifest at its own pace.

Does this ritual work on every man in my life?

No. This ritual is for your boyfriend, husband, or fiancé. You cannot perform this ritual for a married man or someone who is not yours yet! For these types of situations, you just need to focus on love spells. I have many on the website and I have spell casting services to help you create your dream love life faster.

Is this ritual safe?

Absolutely! Perform this ritual from a place of love and wanting the best for that person and nothing bad will happen!


How to put roots on a man to keep him? A step-by-step guide

This easy-to-perform ritual is a beginner-friendly way to put roots on a man to keep him and to finally feel that connection you felt was missing in your relationship!

What do I need to perform this ritual?

You need a small tree (any tree is good, a bonsai would be great but being a bit expensive, you can choose a small tree of any kind); you can buy it online or at a florist. If you cannot find a tree, you can use a plant you like too.

How to put voodoo roots on someone to make him or her love you. There is a secret to why African women or men control their lover, they put roots on them. A powerful voodoo ritual from Africa that tames your lover to obey you. Want to learn how to make someone fall in love with you easy. Or bring back a lost lover. This ritual is for you, and you learning witchcraft your welcome for the free tips and advice.

Apart from witchcraft spells, there are a few tricks that women have been using for centuries to get men to fall head over heels in love with them and finally get them to commit.

Put Roots on a Man,How to Put Roots On Someone - Make him/her Love You
Put Roots on a Man

How to put roots on some to make him or her love you

Putting roots is a native African ritual in Uganda practiced by many cultures commonly known as {kuganga}. It has been done in my family for years to resolve people’s relationship and life issues, cleanse, protect and bring good luck.

I’m going to share a few of these tricks with you and show you:

  • To make him/her fall in love with you
  • Want to marry you
  • Your lover commit

But before we dive into the details, you need to step back and think about whether or not you really want to make him fall for you. Because once you hook him in, it’ll be hard to get him to leave you alone.

Make him fall in Love with you and Commit – are they marriage material?

Do you really want to make him to fall in love with you by putting roots on them? Ask yourself a few simple questions to find out if he’s really marriage material and worth your time.

  • Do you trust him/her completely?
  • Do they value and respect your opinion?
  • Make you feel sexy and confident?
  • Do you have great sexual chemistry?
  • Are you both open and honest with each other?
  • Share the same values as you?

If the two of you have great chemistry and want the same things in life; if you want to finally make him fall in love with you and want to marry you – then it’s time to move onto the three steps below.

Putting roots on someone to make him trust you

Voodoo ritual or spell to make someone fall in love with you by putting roots on someone. And that’s good news because the things that really do work are things you have control over. like how you carry yourself and what you do (or don’t do) when you’re together. In just a few steps, you can make a guy fall for you, and then get him to commit.

Make him/her respect your opinion-Put Roots on a Man

With roots on him, your opinion and decisions never go un noticed or taken into consideration.  Why do men drool over beautiful foreign women? One reason: mystery. Men love mysterious women. It keeps them interested. And it triggers that “chase it” mechanism that’s built into their DNA.

Think about it – if a man knows every little detail of your life, there’s nothing left to look forward to or excite him. The chase was short, and he’s already won his prize. But when a woman is mysterious, he’ll do everything he can to uncover her secrets and learn what makes her tick.

So, how can you maintain that aura of mystery that will make him want you more? Don’t share everything with him. Keep some things to yourself and be independent. Hang out with your girlfriends.

Roots to make marriage vows soon

If he or she is having cold feet and delaying your union in holy matrimony. Or pulling out of the idea of putting a ring on your finger. Put roots on them to level the ground and make him commit.

Of course many change their minds after popping the big question. And putting an engagement ring on your finger. This comes about due to many reasons; they could be under a love spell. In another relationship or just had change in their thoughts.

Change this with the power of putting roots on someone. This is an African ritual that never leaves a stone un turned.

Return a lost lover with Put Roots on a Man

There is no magic that matches the power of African voodoo. Putting roots on someone among them If you have feelings for a lost lover and wish to return them. Why not return them with lots pf love and caring towards you and only you.

It makes someone feel empty when what their heart yarns for is not attainable. As well as making you feel useless at times. I want you to think like a Goddess of your times, someone irresistible. A center of attraction to all those that you desire.

Conclusion-Put Roots on a Man

Take control of every aspect in your love life. Do not be some other person that they met. But make it last for as long as you want. Put roots on someone to make him/her love you deeply. I help people change their lives from 1 -100%. You can be one of them. Contact me right away for a personal session.

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