5 Love Magic Spells for Beginners -5 Powerful Black Magic Love Spells

Love Magic Spells For Beginners ,top 5 love spells to get your love back

5 Powerful Black Magic Love Spells [Lost Love, Break Up…] Love Magic Spells For Beginners

At some time, everyone has, during a sentimental experience, will have thought of making a love spell to tie their man or woman to themselves. It may be an ex-partner who got tired of them. but most of these people then laughed someone’s intentions at the idea of a black magic love spell. Others, however, have been more obstinate with this idea, putting it into practice.

But do they really exist? Are they possible? Do they work?

If you search the internet for ‘black magic love spells’, you will find various sites of occultists, esotericism experts, and spiritual gurus who will tell you about the possibility of making love spells based on different magical methods. There are essentially three types, black magic, white magic and red magic.

Red Magic focuses mainly on the instinctive aspect of people, awakening in the partner who wants to approach a strong sexual desire towards their target.

White Magic is considered more of a work on oneself (but it is not free from harmless rituals). Success depends mainly on the self-confidence and strength that everyone has inside them to overcome a certain moment in life or to approach a partnership without resorting to other expedients that can generally turn away pure of heart.

What are these gimmicks? Of course, those of black magic and its most dangerous branch, witchcraft.

Black magic to bond a man or woman

If witchcraft uses a method aimed at inflicting physical and psychological suffering on the victim, which they can overcome the spell only when they no longer oppose it. Black magic instead resorts to the depersonalization of the target, aims to empty them of its own free will and subjecting it to the power of the client or of who commissioned the spell.

In fact, the exact term to define a love bond by means of black magic is precisely the spell, which we all have heard of, and certainly not in positive terms. The spell frightens people because it is in all respects a curse directed against the target.

According to the most popular traditions, if a love that is tied through black magic works, the target will show different symptoms. Let’s find out which.


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Black magic love spells have a history that is lost in the roots of time and, based on the country or region of belonging, they feed on ancient traditions, which perhaps some still use today.

5 Love Magic Spells for Beginners All love magic must be done on Friday, which is Venus’s Day. Venus is the goddess of love. Before you do these spells, mediate and write your letter of intention (your objective). Luckily, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year.

Facts about Black Magic love spells

Resorting to black magic to tie a man or woman to yourself, asking for help from an occultist, or by looking for magical love formulas to accomplish your goals, is usually the last resort for a desperate person who can no longer succeed to live without their partner, who would like the person with whom you are in love with to share their feelings without sometimes sparing the option of wiping out any rivals.

The result of this practice, which often the customers of the invoices prefer to forget, is certainly not a paid love, but rather the submission of the other to their own will.

Black magic aims to manipulate the victim, to empty them of their own individuality, to haunt them, up to their total surrender, and the annihilation of their decision-making power. Those who use black magic to make love binds, know well that the target who, after successful workmanship, should be at their side and will no longer be the same person as before, but the desire to have them at their side and to dominate them totally is stronger, literally visceral.

Furthermore, according to the best-known traditions, if witchcraft practices are used, the victim can also encounter more serious bodily and psychic problems, such as nausea, depression, headache and other ailments of this kind, which can only disappear when the target totally surrenders to the spell.

My favorite 5 black magic love spells

Black magic attraction spell

Daily Affirmations

Stating your own personal mantra every morning and evening while looking in the mirror will help bring in love. It will attract a partner who’s on your level. Let the universe know that you are worthy and deserving of love every day.

Bath Magic

With Himalayan salt, a dash of cinnamon, a drop of honey, hibiscus, and rose petals you can create the ultimate bath to open your heart to love. Place a rose quartz over your heart chakra to heal and invigorate your vibe. Meditate for 15 minutes about the ideal partner or relationship you want to bring in during the bath. Also, play some romantic tunes to bring out the magical mood.

Candle Magic to Attract Love or a Lover

Using a pink candle, carve your name and astrological sign on one side. Then, on the other, the name and astrological sign of your crush. Add rose oil to the outside of the candle with some rose petals. Also, add a drop of jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia, ginger, and orris-root oils. You can add pink or red glitter to the candle for decoration, which Venus will love. Then, light the candle and let it burn until the fire goes out.

Honey Jar

Write the name of your crush on a piece of paper and place their name into a jar of honey. Within a week or two, they may be sweet on you as a result.

Find a Dream Lover-Love Magic Spells For Beginners top 5 love spells to get your love back 

Make a sachet with sage, rose petals, lavender, pomegranate seeds, and pink or clear quartz crystal. Place them all in a sachet bag and put underneath your bed or pillow while you sleep for two weeks. You’ll draw in your ideal “dream” lover IRL as a result.

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